Meet Chaos! 

Chaos was rescued from a home where he was competing with his brother for attention, unfortunately his owner had to move to a smaller place and couldn't cope with the both of them so they reached out to us for some help and we found Chaos his forever home where he is getting all the attention he needs and is very happy. 

Meet Busta and Toby!

When I got the phone call for Toby and Busta to be rehomed, it was unfortunate as the owner had to go into hospital. We went to meet them to do the assessments. We got a phone call later on that day saying how heart broken the owner was from parting with them, so what we then did was set up a structural plan for the dogs to get in a routine training and exercise. So they were reunited again.  

Meet Lola!

This is the night Lola came to us, we received a phone call about an abused and abandoned dog, later we came to find out that she had been used as a breeding machine and beaten. She was petrified when she came to us not knowing what was happening or if she was going to get hurt again. We decided after all what she had been through she needed the best life possible from now so we decided to keep her. 


Shdow came into staffies in need due to no fault of his or his owners.

Unfortunately due to his owners health issues shadow came to us and was so lucky to find a forever home in the first week of being with us.

Shadow went stright from his home into his foreber home.

we ar stfffies in need wish you well in your new journey  

Meet Oscar!!

Thi​s little man is such an adorable boy.

It had been really unfortunate circumstances that lead to his rescue due to his owner becoming very ill and being unable to look after him.

They had him from the age of 2 months old and he is now 9 so you can imagine how hard that would have been. He has now been adopted and is very happy in his forever home. 

Meet Rocky

Rocky came to staffies in need from the pound he was so scared and stressed we couldn’t get a lead on him to start off with and he was very skittish.

Rocky has found his forever home now it’s took time but he got there in the end!!! He has had all his veterinary care sorted out and is doing great.

He has a new brother too!!!

He is loving his life. 

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Pickles came to staffies in need due to her owner being unwell with epilepsy and pickles really reacted bad with it. 😥

Pickles was in foster but unfortunately it fell through.

She is now in her new foster home and is doing really well she has still got behavioural issues but they are being addressed